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Customized Pantanal tours starting from Cuiabá

All our Pantanal tours are custom made. You can suggest for a tour that fits according to your interests. We always stay at several lodges, located in different areas along the Transpantaneira road, which gives you a better chance of spotting different species of mammals and birds.

Experience the Pantanal
way of living

If you like a more rustic and adventurous tour, Pantanal Trackers also gives you the option of camping at a local cattle ranch where you have the oportunity to meat the local people and learn a bit about ranching life. 

Pantanal tour activities


Jaguar tracking

Beside the general tour activities we offer special jaguar tours for those who want to track down this mighty cat on a friendly base.

Jaguar Photo | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Giant Otter | Pantanal Trackers Tours
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