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Lodging in 'fazendas' at the Pantanal

Pantanal Trackers tours provide accomodation in the Pantanal according to your preference. There are different types of lodging in the Northern Pantanal. They vary in location, luxury, activity possibilities, and also in price. During our tours we'll try to stay at different places as every location has its own specialty. 

We prefer to stay on typical Pantanal lodges that provide comfort and cleaness, mainly where the landscape is preserved. According to your interest we can stay in lodges that provide climatized rooms and/or swimming pool, but we also give the option to sleep overnight in hammocks in a traditional farm or to go camping.

Arrival in Cuiabá

If you arrive after 4pm at Cuiabá airport/bus station, we stay for overnight in Cuiabá or in Poconé, not included in our tour offer, but we arrange the reservation.

Camping and lodging during jaguar tour

During the jaguar tour we go to Porto Jofre, set at the the end of the Transpantaneira Park-Road, you can either stay in a luxurous hotel or stay with a local family (camping). Click here for more details about camping and lodging at Porto Jofre.


Aerial Photo of the Camping Place | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Aerial Photo of the Camping Place | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Meal with Local Family | Pantanal Trackers Tours
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