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Tracking Jaguars

How to spot the jaguar

We'll explore the region of Porto Jofre, set in the end of Transpantaneira Road. In this area the chances to see a jaguar are quite good. I use a small motor boat because of the distance and current of the rivers. Besides, jaguars are often seen near the river banks.Over the past years I've visited many isolated areas in the Pantanal, I've learned when to go out, where to go and how to recognize signs. 

Blowing the 'esturrador'

To attract the jaguar I also use indian techniques. I blow an 'esturrador' (an indian instrument made of bamboo) to imitate the roaring of the Jaguar. 

But the biggest part of jaguar tracking is luck. I never give you the guarantee of seeing the cat. It's a wild animal and we're just guests in its natural habitat. 

Because of the distance, a jaguar tour requires a minimum stay of 4 days (3 nights).

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