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Meet Julinho Monteiro:

I'm a tour guide with experience in the Pantanal since 1988. In these years I have taken a different view of eco-adventurous tours and that's why I decided to set up my own agency. My main goal is to show the Pantanal for those who love nature and enjoy adventure in a friendly relationship.

I look for diversifying in the concept of guidance: observing and explaining about flora and fauna in maximum detail and bringing you not only in contact with the wildlife, but also the daily life on the farms, the local people and peões (cowboys).

Julio Monteiro | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Julio's Land Cruiser |  | Pantanal Trackers Tours

I'm a native Brazilian Indian grandchild raised in the Pantanal. My grandfather Julio taught me the secrets and knowledge about fauna, flora (medicinal plants), animal tracking and being a peão (cowboy).

I'm also a freelance airplane pilot, licensed in the USA where I used to work as pilot during Pantanal's flood season, while during high season I was guiding at Pantanal . If you want to see the beauty of the Pantanal from a different point of view, I would love to take you on a sightseeing flight

Julinho André Monteiro

Julio and his Grandfather | Pantanal Trackers Tours

Julio and his grandfather, that showed him his first jaguar at the age of 5.

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