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Jaguar Tours

Tracking down jaguars
in the Pantanal

The jaguar is the biggest cat that lives in the Pantanal. It is an elusive cat, rare to see, but possible to find and photograph in privileged situations. Beside the general activities we offer special Pantanal jaguar tours for those who want to track down this mighty cat.

Unique travel experience

We won't guarantee you'll see the jaguar, because the Pantanal is not a zoo. But we do guarantee an exciting travel experience. Your private tour guide Julinho has tracked down many jaguars in the past. He knows exactly where and when to go in the remote areas of the Pantanal. We'll explore the river banks of the Porto Jofre area, set in the end of Transpantaneira Park Road, at the border of Mato Grosso state.


The best period for tracking down jaguars in the Pantanal is from mid June up to (and including) October.

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