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Camping in the Pantanal

Stay with local family on river bank

For adventure lovers we have the option of camping in the Pantanal. We pitch our tent on the land of a local family who lives on a river bank 2,5 hours by boat up river from Porto Jofre. It is a very isolated area, right in the jaguar's territory. From here we'll go on searching rides along the rivers and small channels.

The place is very basic but the hospitality pays off. Our friends Carmindo and Maria are more than pleased to welcome you at their place. You'll experience a lifestyle where running water and electricity aren't a matter of course. 

But there's nothing better at the end of the day to return back home, bringing fresh fish for a joint dinner.

On our way back we'll stay overnight at Porto Jofre hotel to recover our strengths. It's here where you can have a nice hot shower again in a climatized room.

River Bank at Porto Jofre | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Lodging at Porto Jofre

For those who want more convenience and prefer a hotel over a tent, we'll stay at a hotel in Porto Jofre during our jaguar tour. After breakfast we go down the rivers, deep into the Pantanal, searching for jaguars. We take lunch with us, stay on the rivers during the day and return back to the hotel in the evening. When evening falls we look for jaguars using a searchlight.

Camping Place | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Local Family | Pantanal Trackers Tours
River Bank | Pantanal Trackers Tours
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