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From Cuiabá to the Pantanal

Your tours start at Cuiabá airport where we pick you up. If you arrive in Cuiabá before 5:00 PM, we go straight to Pantanal. In case you arrive in the late afternoon or evening, you'll stay over night in town. The hotel category is up to you. You can also choose the option of a home stay with a local family. Let us know and we make the reservation.
There is also the option to book your transfer in/out by plane in Julinho's Cessna, shown in the page Sightseeng Flights.

In the Pantanal

To get to Pantanal, we have to drive South bound the first 100 km (65 miles) on a paved road until a little town called Poconé: the 'gate' of Pantanal. Then we reach Transpantaneira Park Road and the rest of the tour is along this dirt road and farm trails.

Pantanal trackers uses a 4x4WD land cruiser, the perfect car for the job, there is no bad road for the jeep.

Canoeing on the River | Pantanal Trackers Tours

For ecological reasons, we prefere to use motorboats as little as possible. Besides, while canoeing you can enjoy much more of the sound of nature. There are some places where the use of motorboats is necessary, because of the distance and/or the current of the water.

Julio's Cessna 182 Skylane | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Julio's first land cruiser | Pantanal Trackers Tours
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