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Horseback riding

Ride your horse in the Pantaneiro's way

Horses are one of Julinho's favorite animals and they are a great way to explore the wetlands area. On your horse riding trip we'll start with saddling your own horse. Julinho will teach you the Pantaneiro's way. And surely after a while you´ll feel like one as well.

Saddling the Horse | Pantanal Trackers Tours

The tour takes about 2hrs or longer if you like. Along the way we'll make some stops to stretch our legs and observe the natural surroundings. 

The great advantage of horse back riding is that we can cover long distances that would take us a long time if we'd go on foot. With the horses we also can wander through the grassland and riparian woods.

Horseback Riding | Pantanal Trackers Tours
Horseback Riding | Pantanal Trackers Tour
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