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Keep binoculars and camera always at hand

Birds are the easiest spotted animals in the Pantanal. No matter what time of the year you visit the Pantanal, you'll always see plenty of:

  • herons, egrets

  • storks, marsh and stream birds

  • chacalacas

  • vultures

  • falcons, kites, hawks, eagles

  • parrots, macaws, parakeets

  • kingfishers, etc.


Learn about the bird species in the Pantanal

You don't have to be a professional birdwatcher to enjoy the excitement of spotting and recognzing different species. Your guide Julinho helps you how to do it and soon you'll learn more about some of the 650 different species you can find in the Pantanal.

Spotting birds is possible throughout the day, and you will, but you have the best chances during early morning and late afternoon. Of course, some nocturnal species are best seen in the evening or at night. So, while driving, trekkinghorseback riding or canoening in the Pantanal, you will be spotting birds.

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